Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hola guapos,

Hola! Como estáis? Espero que todos estén muy bien. Hermana Hair and I had another really great week here in Barcelona. I am loving every minute. I am so grateful to be serving here. We have been blessed in our proseliting area. And recently we have seen some great success working with the members! 

The other day we took a member with us to go pass by a list of inactive members and to contact along the way. And we brought with us Hermana Norma, she is a 60 year old woman from Peru. She is always so willing and excited to help. At the beginning we were not having a ton of success but after about 30 minutes we felt the impression to go knock a door... And we weren´t even knocking doors. So we went, and the first bell that we rang let us in. It turned out to be this woman named Sandra, who is also from Peru. Since then we have now been back 2 times to visit her! After that we were walking through a park and found a bunch of cute spanish ladies sitting on a bench so we stopped and talked with them, prayed and sang a hymn. They loved it and hopefully they will come to church too! And just yesterday we had another member with us and our visit got canceled, so we went to the park with her and ended up sharing a message with a group of people who were there. Haha it was a little intimidating but fun at the same time!  

I think that member missionary work doesn´t just mean asking members for references. It means helping them experience just a little bit of what we experience as missionaries everyday. It builds their faith and gives them more excitement to share the gospel with their own friends and families. I know that God is aware of us when we involve the members and that he puts prepared people in our paths. 

D&C 4- If you have desires to serve, then you are called to the work! 

Thank you for all your love and prayers! I love you all mucho! 


Hermana Benson

Attached are some photos from the Sagrada Familia... It was beautiful!

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