Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Alive!

I have made it to the Madrid MTC! The MTC is awesome and so small. It will be great because hopefully I will get to know everyone here very well. Wow Spain is such a beautiful place. And I am so happy and excited to be here... Just really tired right now. We arrived here around 10:30 this morning and still haven´t had a chance to unpack and take a nap haha. But everything else is great! I now have a companion! So fun. She is really cute. We were together for our whole flight.
Guess what? Everything is in Spanish here... Didn´t think it would be such a shock! I wish I knew Spanish better, hopefully it comes quick. We have been assigned a district and a way awesome teacher. She is from Spain and just so sweet but her English is a little hard to understand so I imagine we will jump righ into full on espanol! Spanish people are so cute!! There were a bunch on the flight and almost everyone that works here is Spanish.
Saturday we go to the park to contact people and hand out book of mormons. Haha I just hope I can say a few words that make sense. And when people look at me like I´m crazy the plan is just to smile and say siii or muy bien or look and my companion for some help. I´m excited! It will be very fun to tallk to some real Spaniards.
The grounds that the temple and mtc are on are beautiful! And we get to go to the temple tomorrow morning. We go do a session every Thursday, our P day.
I feel so blessed to be here. And to be part of this great work that is occuring throughout the whole world. I feel inadequate but I know that if I put my faith and trust in the Lord I will be able to do the work he has for me in Spain. I can´t wait to keep learning so much more about the gospel, missionary work, and Spanish!
Saying goodbye was hard! And it´s so weird that I won´t see you guys for 18 months. I know that we will be blessed. I love you very mucho!
I may not get to email you tomorrow (thursday) since I am emailing you today. So if you don´t hear from me I will write again next week! Know that I am well and happy so don´t worry about me!
Hermana Benson

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hola everyone! Welcome to my new mission blog. Here you will be able to view all of my weekly emails and occasional photos. See you in 18 months!


Hermana Benson