Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hola everyone! How is everyone doing? It is so fun to hear from you! Can you believe that March is already here?!! Everytime before we leave our piso we say recite the baptismal invitation, purpose, and we testify. But anyways this morning we invited someone to be baptized on the 22nd of March (2 weeks out). This means that I will hit my year mark this month! So crazy. It makes me a little sick to think about it haha. I love my mission and I feel like I still have so much to learn and do here. This week was a pretty good week and I am excited for what great things the Lord has instore!

Highlights of the week... 

1. We had so many of our menos activos that we have been working with come to church yesterday! It was wonderful and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone come back to church. Church attendance is something that we have been focusing on as a mission. We have been keeping track of how many people come to sacrament each week so that we can chart the growth of the church in the Barcelona mission. And I love this so much because I really think that success equals people coming to church each week and renewing there baptismal convenants, whether they are active, less active, or a recent convert. 

2. I think last email I talked about Marina. She is the girlfriend of David who is less active. Anyways the are doing so so great! Yesterday they came to all three meetings and last night we went to visit them and we taught the first lesson which is the restauration of the gospel. And everything went really well. She is so prepared and she is going to make a wonderful member. And they have also been reading together everyday! Yayyy. I am hoping any praying that they can be married soon so that she can be baptized! 

3. Everyweek there is a zumba class in the church and anyone and everyone is invited. And it is super great because we get a lot of menos activos and invesigators there. And of course you all know how much a love zumba!!! One of the Elders has been teaching it hahah hilarious right? No he really is not too bad because I think he does ballroom dance or something haha. But guess who is teaching it next week? Haha me!! My companion and I are preparing the class for next week and it is going to be so fun! This will check off one of my life goals haha. I wish you could all be there! 

Okay this email is getting long. I mostly just want to say that I love you and the Lord loves you! I am grateful for all your love and support! Que tengan una buena semana! Os quiero mucho. 


Hermana Benson 

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