Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hola everyone! I hope everyone is doing great. Things are going pretty well here in Girona. It has been a bit cold lately but people have been telling us how cold the U.S. has been these last couple weeks. I hope you keep warm!

Here are some highlights from the week: 

1.This last week we had interviews with President Pace... These are always the BEST. We had to travel down to Barcelona which is about 2 hours on train and metro. I think my companion and I are finally starting to get the metro and train systems down around here.  Anways how lucky I am to have such wonderful mission presidents! Unfortunately we only get to talk with him for about 15 minutes because there are so many missionaries now. But it´s totally worth it and I always learn so much from him. 

2. Yesterday Augustine recieved the priesthood so that was pretty exciting and he also said the closing prayer (in english haha we are still working on the spanish thing with him) in sacrament meeting. Yayyy he´s doing super well. He excited told us yesterday that he called his parents in Ghana and told them that he had been baptized and was now a Christian! He said they were very happy. One of my favorite things is seeing the members go up to him and trying to speak in english with him. I love so much that the members are trying to fellowship him into the ward. 

3. Our YSA group in the branch really struggles so we are trying to help them and build them up. And we went to get them all on missions! We have so many potential missionaries here. So we have been working with their leaders to get some activities going. And the first activity was bowling on Saturday night. Haha is was super fun and guess who the ganadora is... me haha. The night turned out well because we had an investigator there and a couple less actives. And everyone had a great time! 

4. Yesterday after church we were invited to go eat with a less active woman and her family. And let me tell ya it´s not just any old family. Haha it is a very big gypsy family from Portugal! I have never seen such a different culture in my life but I love them so much. They invited us out to the land that they have outside the city where the cook and party outside. Don´t worry we took the elder´s quorum president and his family with us. They cooked us this huge thing of rice and mystery meat (not sure what is was ... I think it included rabit, chicken, pork, lamb and sea food haha) over this big fire. It was fun because it was kind of like camping!  After eating we rounded them all up to share a message of Christ. There were a lot of them so it was kind of intimadating but it turned out to be a really cool experience that I will never forget. 

That´s really it for this week. The work continues on and I am so grateful to be here serving my Savior. I know that as we build our foundation on Christ (Helaman 5:12) by doing the little things (sunday school answers), we will be able to overcome any of challenges that we may face. I am grateful for the atonement in my life and in the lives of others. Thank you for all your love and support. I hope you have a wonderful day and that you know how much I love you and our Heavenly Father loves you! 

Quidese mucho,

Hermana Benson 


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