Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hola a todos! How is everyone doing? He sorry I didn´t email yesterday! We had transfers in the missionary so preparation day is Tuesday instead of Monday. I can´t believe the holiday season is over and that everyone is going back to school now! My companion and I contemplated taking down our little Christmas tree this morning while we were cleaning but I just couldn´t quite do it haha until next week! The celebrations here in Girona just ended yesterday because on the 6th of January the celebrate dia de los reyes magos. And it´s a holiday like christmas but the three wise men bring gifts instead of Santa Claus. Pretty cool! 

Guess what?!! Augustine is now a member of the church!!! YAY!! He was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. It was such a special day and I am so happy for him. He had us crying and laughing all at the same time. The baptism went really smooth and the spirit was so strong. And my favorite part of baptisms is when the person who was baptized shares their testimony afterwards. And because Augustine doesn´t speak spanish very well I got to translate what he was saying so the members could understand. His testimony was the best thing ever! He just kept saying how happy he was and how strongly he could feel the spirit. It is such a blessing to see him progress in the gospel. And the members are doing such a good job of fellow shipping him into the branch! Yes. So great. 

Hermana Jarman and I have been busy this week and we have seen so many miracles! I want to share one experience that happened the other day. In our mission we do something called the first contact. It´s where as soon as you leave your apartment you contact the first person you see. And we have really been trying to be better at this. Anyways we contacted this woman named Rebecca and we hardly said anything and she just like spilled her life to us. This seems to happen a lot as missionaries and I love it! So she is a woman from Mexico! Haha we were so excited when she told us this. And then she explained how she had been through some really hard things and she told us about how she developed her relationship with the Savior. Wow she is so prepared. We can hardly wait to start teaching her. She is going to be a great member! 

I am still just in aw about how prepared these people are that God has put in our path. I can testify that the Lord is preparing people´s hearts right now to accept the gospel. His work is moving forward! I am grateful to be here and I am grateful I have the chance to share my testimony that Christ lives and he loves us! 

I love you all so much! And I am grateful for you! 

xoxo, Hermana Benson

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