Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hey everyone! How are you doing? It is always so good to hear from each of you. It makes me happy to know that you are all doing well. I just love you so much! 

This week was a really good week. We saw so many miracles here in our area. We have been blessed with some new investigators that I am really excited about. The first ones are Luis (17) and Mirian (15). They are children of Catalina who is a less active woman. They recently arrived here in Spain from Bolivia. They came so they could be with their mom. And she is so excited and anxious for them to learn about the gospel. They are so so cute! They came with us to play volleyball this saturday morning with all the other young people. We had a good time and we are excited to keep teaching them. We are also going to start teaching Jessica and Joshua from Nigeria. They just walked into church last week with their bibles and all. They are really nice and they like the church a lot. So those are some of the miracle news that we were blessed with this week! 

This month in Spain is the month of invitation... Maybe it´s a world wide thing haha I´m not sure. But it means that this month as a ward we are really focusing on having more people in church every week. So each night at 10:00 we are praying with all the members that they might be blessed with opportunities to share the gospel. It is really great because I feel like it is really united the ward and making them more excited to do missionary work. Go members. They are number one. We met with one member last week named Anna Maria. And she started to tell us about all the things she is doing to share the gospel. When she goes into like phone stores or the apple stores she makes sure to leave the church website on the screen. Haha such a great idea! And she is also taking with her friends at work about the church. And she asked for cards, folletos, and a book of mormom that she could give away! She has caught the missionary fire! Wow we were so impressed and we can´t wait to keep working with her. Members are so important in this work. As missionaries we need them if we want the work to keep moving forward in the Lord´s way. 

Thank you for all your love and support! I hope you have a great week and that you have to opportunity to share the gospel with someone! Les quiero mucho! 


Hermana Benson

P.S. Ahhh also I almost forgot. This week we got a surprise call from Mark Scott (our recent convert) saying that he had made it safely back to Nigeria and that some one that lives in his house is a member and that they are planning on going to church together! Ah I was so relieved and happy to hear that.  

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