Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hola queridos mios! Como estan? It is so good to hear from all of you. You all seem to be doing really well! Is it Thanks Giving this week? Fam what will you be doing? Eat some pie for me haha. Obviously they don´t celebrate it here, but we will be eating with some members. The weather here is really rainy and cold but the worse the weather gets the more blessings right? Haha just kidding. 
Okay time for highlights of the week.... (drum roll)
1. I love working with the less active and inactive members. The rescue is just as important in missionary work. And often we find more people to teach through the less active members because they all have family, boyfriends or girlfriends, and friends who are not members. We have been working to get Soledad, a cute woman from Chile, to come back to church. After a hard divorce she hasn´t been to church in like 5 years. And as we have started to visit her she has been thinking of friends she wants to share the gospel with. And this thursday we had a cita with her and her friend Noemi! It was so so great. Her friend is so prepared to accept the gospel and we are so excited to teach her! And I think this will help Soledad come back to church as well. Yayyy. 
2. Last night some dear members had us over for dinner. And guess what they fed us? Pulpos........ (Octupus). Yes it was a greyish purple and it had the little tentacle things on it. Oh my goodness haha. And then if that´s not enough, they fed us anchovies (not sure how to spell that). They watched us eat every bite haha and of couse we ate it with a smile! It´s fun to try new foods but I don´t think I would choose to eat it again haha. I really think that as a missionary Heavenly Father helps you eat stuff you just couldn´t usually eat haha. 
3. So we have been knocking lots of doors lately because there just aren´t as many people out in the streets in the rain. And let me tell ya haha Hermana Reid and I are really mastering the art of it. I wish I could send you a video! To get into an apartment building you have to ring all the timbres and then people answer and say, "Quien es (who is it)?" And we switch off saying different things. There are three strategies here... You can say straight up the usual: Hola! Somos misioneras de la iglesia de jesucristo... Or you can say in your best spanish accent: Hola nos abre (Hey can you open?)... This works some of the time but my accent still isn´t the best haha. Or you can just ring all of them and not say anything and usually someone will just let you in without knowing who you are and then we just knock the whole building! Anyways the other night we starting knocking in a building and the second door we knocked the this man named Maksym, from Ukraine of all places, let us in (rare!). And he told us he was looking for God in his life and that he wanted to come to church! What a miracle! We have been praying really hard to find these people who are prepared. I know that God puts people in our path who are ready to hear and accept the gospel. 
4. One more quick thing. Onome is doing so so well! We went to see her this week and she is just glowing! And she is fitting into the ward well and they are being so good with her. Yay this makes me so happy!
I am grateful for all your love and support! Know that I miss and love you each very much! I hope you have a great week! Keep on keeping on! 


Hermana Benson
P.S. Next week is transfers and I´m pretty sure I will be leaving my beautiful San Sebastain ;( . And I will probably not be able to email you until Tuesday. I love you! 
Oh and also I attached some pictures of me knocking doors Haha. Knocking doors is kind of fun because you just never know who is going to answer or what they will say. Good times!

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