Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hola queiridos mios,
Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you are enjoying this fall weather as much as I am. It is so beautiful here in San Sebastian. The people say that it is strange it isn´t colder yet. It still gets up to about 70 degrees everyday. And I am loving the sun! In our piso we don´t have windows really to the outside world haha so everyday we just guess what the weather is going to be like or we ask people for the forecast. 
Okay I am going to give you highlights of the week! .... 
Numero uno: Tuesday we had a family night with a few spanish members and one of their friends! (Most of the members here are from South America so this was way exciting for us!) It is the greatest when members help with missionary work. Yay I love members. They had told us that this woman previously hasn´t been super interested in the missionaries or the church but things went super well! We shared Moroni´s promise and invited them to read, ponder, and pray. The spirit was really strong and my favorite part was when the members shared their experiences with recieving an answer that El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Family help the missionaries! 
Numero dos: We contacted a woman named Erica who the Elders had taught previously. We met with her and told us that she wants to be baptied!! So great. The only problem is that she works on Sundays we are going to pray really hard with her that she will be able to find a new job or be able to get permission to come to church for at least sacrament meeting. 
Numero tres: We have been street contacting like crazy lately and we found this cute woman from Honduras and set up another cita with her. P.S. Her name is Estella and she was a gold star on one of her teeth.Love it. We met with her on a bench and about five minutes after talking she was like, "Do you want to know my house?" Haha and of course we said sure! She then walked us to her piso and her daughter and cousin were there so we just taught all of them! Three new investigators! Yayyy. They are all really great and I am so excited to keep teaching them. 
Numero quatro: Our dear investigator Angelica invited us to come eat with her this week! Haha and it was interesting. She fed us this grey worm looking things on top of this salad ... And when we asked her what they were she was like, "Se llama gooras... Pescado." So hermana Reid and I decided they were worms of the sea. Anyway my companion is just a champion at pounding food haha because the faster you eat it the better. I just ate as fast as I could and tried to not think too much about it haha. After we left the cita we were walking home and my companion was like, "Ahhh Hermana I don´t feel so good... my stomach really hurts." Haha and then she like started to panic and I was semi stressed because I didn´t know how to help her. So we hurried home and she just barely made it to the baƱo. Lets just say I don´t think we will be eating gooras anytime soon. 
Okay this email is getting long. Things are going good here and we are working hard! I am excited for this week because we have some new people to teach and we are hoping to get some more baptismal dates! I love this work and I feel so grateful to be able to see people change their lives and accept the gospel. Thank you for all you love and support! Que Dios les bendiga! 
Con amor,

Hermana Benson 

Oh my goodness I almost forgot! Today for preparation day Hermana Reid and I rented a tandam bike and it was hilarious. At first it was a little rough but by the end we were pros. Riding a tandam bike is just like a companionship... You both have to get on if you want to go anywhere. You both have to pedal and balance so you don´t crash. And you have to laugh and enjoy the ride! I will attach a photo. Les quiero mucho!

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