Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hola everyone! How are you doing? I miss all of you x 10! Can you believe it´s almost November! Ahhh so crazy. Time is going by so fast. Well things here in San Sebastian are going great. I love it and never want to be transfered haha. I am trying to just soak up every moment. I have already learned so much on my mission and I am so grateful to be here. Everyone should go on missions! Kath and Amy? Michael round 2? 
Okay so we had a pretty great week. We have been working so hard and we are starting so see some of the fruits! Yay. The highlights of the week: 
1. Juan Carlos (coolest best old spanish man in our ward) took us to the town where he was born today for preparation day. It was absolutely hilarious. He packed us all a lunch and was so excited to show us everything. And he even played us some of his spanish music. He lives to help the missionaries and he has only been a member for about 3 years now. His dream in life is to buy a house over looking the ocean where the missionaries can eat and stay for free with him and his wife. Is there anything else I would rather do on a preparation day? Probably not. I will attach some pictures! 
2. We had our ward mission leader come to some citas we had set up on Wednesday and after we had a little extra time so we were looking for some people to talk to in the streets. And we found this cute woman sitting on a bench so we stopped and asked her if we could sit down and share a message with her and she said yes! So we just started teaching her and things were going pretty good so I thought we might as well invite her to be baptized. And she said yes and now has baptismal date! What a miracle. There are people out there who are ready to accept the gospel! 
3. We were knocking doors the other night which is always a funny/interesting time. And we knocked on this door and this lady asked us who we were so I told her and she just shouted back through the door way loud, "I AM VERY CATHOLIC!" Hahaha it was so funny, my companion and I got a good kick out of it. And then we were knocking on this other door and the guy asked us who we were so I answered and he responded back,"You´re confused." Haha so I repeated myself and he just said, "No, you´re confused." Haha really funny. Knocking doors isn´t always the most successful thing here but sometimes you do find people that will listen. I think they say every 500 doors you knock equals 1 baptism. Sometimes you have to go through the 99 to find the 1! Vale la pena! 
4. So I don´t know if you remember me telling you about Onome? She was the woman we were teaching from Nigeria. She had a baptismal date but then didn´t feel ready. And we have not been able to get ahold of her for the past 3 weeks. So sad! But guess what? We decided to give her a call the other day and actually answered and told us we could come visit her. Seeing her was reallly bittersweet because she is going through some really hard things. But I am so glad we got to see her and share our testimonies with her about how much our Heavenly Father loves her and how through Christ we can have more peace, hope, and love in our lives. I hope that we will be able to start teaching her again. 
5. Last night when I was writing in my journal Hermana Reid did a dance for me to some organ music hahaha it was pretty great. What a good companion I have. We always have good times together.

Well those a just a few things from the week that were great! I hope you are all doing well. I love hearing from you each week. I am so thankful for all your love and support! The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and it changes lives. How blessed we are to have it in our lives! I hope you have a great week. Know that I love you and I am praying for you!

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