Monday, July 29, 2013

Hola todos! ¿Que tal Salt Lake City? Hey everyone! How are you doing? It sounds like you are having a great summer!  Thank you for your emails, I love hearing all about your different summer adventures! I can´t believe it´s already the end of July...

And with the end of July comes more transfers. I am being transfered to San Sebastian where I will be finishing the training of Hermana Tyler. I´m a little nervous to train because I still feel very new but I know that it is really going to prepare me to train a brand new hermana in September. I am sad to leave Bilbao because I love everyone here so much but I know that the Lord has good things in store in. On Sunday the bishop gave me a few minutes in sacrament meeting and it was great to be able to just share my testimony and express my love for all the members there. The ward here is really incredible and the bishop too. And after the meetings I was able to take some pictures with the members and say my goodbyes. I will attach a few pictures to this email! And then these last couple of days we have been able to visit some people who are really special to me. We have seen Maria René (investigator), Fredy (recent convert) and his cute family, La famila Alvarez (they are a less active family that we have been working a lot with), and El obispo y su esposa. There are so many good people here and I really hope that I will be able to come back someday! Mom if you really come pick me up we will be visiting all of these people!  But back to San Sebastian... It has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. I went there about a month ago for preparation day. I don´t know if you remember me telling you about it? It is right on the northern coast of Spain. Meaning we will be albe to run on the board walk every morning! YAY. I can´t wait and I feel super blessed to have the opportunity to serve there with Hermana Tyler. And it will be great to get a fresh start somewhere! And I here the ward there is also wonderful! 

So earlier this week my companion and I finally got to watch the world wide missionary broadcast, "The work of Salvation". It was sooooo good. If you have not seen it I would challenge you to watch it. It talks a ton about member missionaries and how full time missionaries can better work with the members and ward leaders. I was reallly impressed with how well it was done. It was really powerful! It also focused on how we can have "missionary families", like what things we can do as a family to share the gospel. If you don´t have time to watch the whole thing, just watch the video of the family... Okay? Haha. These last few days I have really been reflecting on the importance of the family. Everytime I testify to someone of the importance of the family and that families can be eternal, I always feel the spirit very strong. "Salvation is a personal matter, exaltation is a family matter." I love this quote because I know it´s true! I´m grateful for all of you and I love you very much! Lets do all we can to recieve exaltation. I know that if we do the little things like reading in the scriptures and praying together we will be blessed! 

I love you all and I hope you have a great day! 

Les amo y que tenga un buen dia! 


Hermana Benson 

Picture 1- Me and with some of the young single adults! They are wonderful and always so willing to help with citas that we have. 

Picture 2- Me with Fredy and his wife and kids. They are a beautiful family! 

Picture 3- Me with the bishop and his wife. They are amazing!

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