Monday, July 29, 2013

Buenos Tardes! Holllllla everyone! How are all of you doing? I hope you each had a great week and I really enjoyed reading your emails! It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. And it sounds hot in the SLC! Bilbao is beautiful right now. We have finally had some sun and it is just wonderful. It is probably like 70 degrees. Perfect. Today I´m in Barcelona picking up my residency card and it is pretty warm here! Barcelona is such a cool city! I would love to serve sometime during my mission. And today I got to see La Sagrada familia, which is a famous cathedral here. I will attach some pictures. This cathedral has been under contruction for over 100 years and is still not finished. But let me tell you... It is stunning. 

But the best part of my week was Mildret´s baptism!!!!! YAYYY. It was a great day and everything went smoothly. Mildret and her Dad looked so good in their white clothing. I will attach some pictures of them too! Mildret was so prepared and I am so happy and excited for her. Luckily this time I did not have to give a talk haha but I did participate in the musical number. We sang "We I am baptized (Cuando me bautice)" ... I love this song. She is truly a special girl that will be really hard for me to say goodbye too. She is always so happy and has a huge smile of her face. I just love her! And the best part is that her family is preparing to go to the temple!! I couldn´t be more excited about this.

I wrote you a letter earlier today haha that you won´t get for another week so I´m trying not to repeat things! But anyways the work is going good and I´m good too. I miss all of you but I am loving my mission more and more as I go. I´m really excited for all the new sisters that are coming in. The new hermanas we have a really great and it has been fun to get to know them. I´m not sure what will happen this next transfer in a few weeks. I really hope I stay in Bilbao because I love the people here and it´s beautiful. I would really like to get a spanish speaking companion so that I can get really good at spanish. My companion speaks spanish well but doesn´t like speaking with me. So it would be really good to be just forced into speaking spanish all the time. I feel like I need to get realy good at spanish so that I can be the kind of missionary I want to be and the Lord wants me to be. And I will need to be good when we get 20 new hermanas in September because there is a 90% chance that most us everyone (including me) will be training!

Hmmm I´m trying to think of what else to tell you... Oh did you watch the missionary broadcast or hear about it? I haven´t been able to watch it yet but hopefull sometime this week! I´ve heard that they may start implementing facebook and ipads for missionaries. Pretty cool. I don´t know when we would find time to use that haha but I´m sure they have a plan. This is an exciting time to be a missionary and I feel blessed to be here in the Spain, Barcelona mission (the best mission around)! I wouldn´t change a thing! I miss you all but I am happy to be here!

I love you all mucho! Y espero escuchar de ustedes pronto! Aguurrr! Besos y abrazos!

Con amor,

Hermana Brooke Benson

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