Monday, June 17, 2013

Dearest family,

Hola everyone! How is the good old SLC? Ahhh I can´t believe that it is almost June and school will soon be out. That was always my favorite time of year growing up. How is the weather? Warm? I would really love some warm weather right about now. It has been pretty rainy and chilly here. I have been rockin my rain jacket, paragua, and my boots a lot. But I actually really like the rain. It make everything seem more magical haha. I just love how green and foggy everything looks here. The other day my companion and I were trying to find the house in this pueblo called Urribarri. And Urribarri is just up on the hillsides of Bilbao and let me tell you it is so cool. The streets are really narrow and steep and it is very lush and pretty. I might have to live there someday. We were pretty wet by the time we found this house. And Fideles ( the investigator that lives there was not home.. bummer but we will hike up there again soon). I will attach some pictures that we took! The street that he lives on is called the Ciudad de Jardine. So beautiful. 
This week I went on an intercombio for a couple days (I think that is an exchange in englais?) to a city called Zaragoza.... Pronounced tharagotha :) It is the fourth largest city and about 4 hours away from Bilbao. I was companions with a hermana that was in the CCM with me. It was well interesting because we are both so new. But we had a couple of miracles occured while I was there that I want to share with you! The first one occured when we were headed to a cita. We were just walking down the street when I woman approached us with a big smile on her face saying (in español) I believe in you... I believe in you. Hahaha and I was like that´s ¿Si? hahah muy bien. Yo tambien. She then asked us if we would pray with her for her friend Pablo who doesn´t belive in God. So we went of to a nearby bench and prayed with her for her friend Pablo. Then we were able to get her contact information so that some missionaries can start teaching her (she was from Minorca)! It was a really cool experience just because we never really get approached by people and it was awesome that she had so much faith in us. Okay the next miracle... We were teaching a woman named Helen and her two children. They are from Nigeria and have been recently going through some hard times. Her huscand just left her a few months ago and she is without a job. They Lord prepares people for us to find and teach. This was the first time they had met with the missionaries so we were teaching the restoration. The spirit was really strong during the cita and towards the end I felt like I needed to invite her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. Right way she said yes, yes i would like to do that. As we were leaving she told me I feel so happy right now! This is what the spirit and the gospel bring into our lives! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share this with my brothers and sisters. Being a missionary is great. 
It is good to be back in the lovely Bilbao! The memers here are great and I love them a lot. The ward really has a spirit of missionary work. June is the month of invitations so they are all working hard to invite friends and family. We have some really great investigators right now. Maria Reneé will be baptized this saturday (hopefully!). She is a really cool woman from Bolivia. She loves american stuff haha. So when I call her she likes me to speak to her in english a little bit like Hello, how are you and she responds hi, i am fine haha. Oh and she also knows how to say I love you haha. We are also still teaching Ali, the guy from Pakistan. He is not proggressing as much as we would like. His fecha is for the 1st of June but he needs to find a new piso because he is living with his girlfriend and that doesn´t work. But we were so blessed to have two new investigators this week! Freddy and Veronica are from Argentina and their accents are just the best. They are the cutest little family, they have a three year old and a one year old. That babbbyy is so cute. He has the chubbiest cheeks and the biggest dark eyes. They are so receptive and have a baptismal date for the 8th of June also. Freddy came to church yesterday but Veronica had to stay home because the baby was sick. The Elders that are in our ward found them will they were out contacting. So cool! We are also teaching Mildret. Her parents are recent converts who are super great. Mildret has some disabilites so are going a little more slowly with her but she will probably be baptized within this next month :) 
The work here is great! The Lord is preparing people to hear the gospel. Be thinking and praying of who the Lord has prepared for you to share the gospel with. I love you all so much! I have the best family everrrr :) 


Hermana Benson 

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