Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hola! Sorry I am finally sending some pictures. These are of my companion Hermana Hopkins and I! One of them is on the metro, the next is infront of the Madrid temple, and then the next one is right by the Don Quijote statue which is located in the geographical center of Madrid. I will try to send some more next week too!

Today for p day we went to Sol again to go shopping and to get some yummy food. I bought another pair of shoes just at H&M and some head bands. And then we went to this cute little restaurant and bought paella.... So yummy. And then we stopped at this bakery and bought a really good chocolate pastery thing.
Okay so throughout the day I have been thinking of funny things that I want to tell you because funny stuff happens all the time when your on a mission! So I thought of a few...

Number 1: The other day during a lesson I was trying to explain in Spanish what the Holy Ghost is... Things were going smoothly until I mixed up the word comfort which is consuelo with sueno which is dreams hahaha. So I was telling our "investigator" that the holy ghost brings you dreams. I didn´t realize until she started laughing!
Number 2: My companion a couple weeks ago was talking about the atonement and she accidently told our "investigator" that Jesus spied for our sins haha not atoned for our sins. It was pretty great. The words are so similar.
Number 3: Another hermana at the mtc mixed the word pepper for priesthood. So during a whole lesson about the restoration she was saying pepper not priesthood haha. Basically learing spanish is not easy and it´s even harder to teach in español!
Number 4: I already told mom this but I went to the distribution to by some more garments. I thought I got my usual sizes... But I went back to my room and opened one of the tops and realized it was maternity hahaha. And it´s even funnier because I thought the cute Spanish woman working there knew what I said to her. Atleast she got the bottoms right haha.

I know there are a ton more funny things but that´s all I can think of right now! Que tenga un buen dia! Love you!

Hermana Brooke Benson

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